Tuesday, January 09, 2007

HS Tourney....

Here's an update on the national HS baseball tourney going on in Taiwan. Some of the top senior performers at the tourney include:
Ying-Shan Wang (RHP)
Clocked at a high of 86 mph

Chih-Lung Huang (RHP)
Clocked at a tourney-high 92 mph/member of the '06 junior NT

Chun-Hsiu Chen (RHP)
clocked at a high of 88 mph/member of the '06 junior NT

Che-Hsuan Lin (OF) - pictured on left
one of the top positional players in Taiwan/member of the '06 junior NT


Anonymous said...

hey, any more info on this HS tourney? seems like we got some pretty good young pitchers!

maos said...

taichung jia nong (the agricultural highschool thing blue unis) won the tournament.

maos said...

well dark blue unis. not in those pics. :/

Anonymous said...

sweet! im from Taichung -- i wonder where dae han min kook went??