Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Chih-Lung Huang on the Mound Tomorrow.....

In final preparation for the WC, the NT will play the Italian NT tomorrow. 18 year old Chih-Lung Huang is expected to start tomorrow's game.

Prospect Insider (a tremendous site on the Seattle Mariners organization and their prospects) has a few scouts' impression on Yung-Chi Chen:

"Scout 1 - “He’s a real solid baseball player showing some strong fundamental skills, and decent speed. I like his footwork around the bag at second compared to where he was two years ago in A ball, too. I think he can manage second base and his bat, while lacking pop, holds its own.”

Scout 2 - “He’s ideal for a utility spot, especially if he can learn to play some outfield. I don’t think he’ll hit enough to play everyday, but the physical tools are there for him to be average in most areas, and average across the board can make one a regular.”

Scout 3 - “Two words: Placido Polanco. Polanco bloomed late with many of the same physical skills and Chen could follow a similar path.”"

Speaking of the Mariners, remember P Chao Wang? The kid was the first player ever signed from China. He is now a 22-year old OF playing for the Chinese NT in the AFL.

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Anonymous said...

Wonder if this Chao Wang guy is any good. he went from being a Pitcher to an OF? hmmm. He doesnt weight much for being 6,4. Hes only 177. How long is his minor league contract with the Mariners? Maybe they'll have a scouting report on him soon