Monday, July 27, 2009

Good Things Come in Threes: Cubs Sign Tzu-An Wang......

Like the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Chicago Cubs signed their 3rd Taiwanese kid in the past 2 months, this time nabbing RHP Tzu-An Wang. Wang, a 6'6" righty, was a HS teammate (San-Hsin HS) of recent Cubbie signee RHP Yao-Lin Wang.

Without a doubt, the kid has the most upside of any Taiwanese player signed this year. Fairly new to the sport, Wang has stepped up his game in leaps and bounds as he has made significant improvement over his last three years in HS. He now reportedly throws a fastball in the low 90's to go along with a changeup, curveball, split-finger fb and all with a downhill angle.

Despite his promise, his is still a bit raw. Many had hoped that he would continue to develop his game in college. However a rumored $300 - 350 K signing bonus would prove to be too enticing for Wang. If the numbers are accurate, the amount would make him the distinguished recipient of the largest signing bonus handed out to a HS Taiwanese player this year.

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