Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tigers Sign a Lefty....

The Detroit Tigers signed LHP Hua-Wei Lo (San-Hsin HS - teammate of recent Cubs signees RHP's Yao-Lin Wang and Tzu-An Wang / Kai-Nan University). The 5'10" lefty was converted to a pitcher a year ago and hence has a fairly fresh arm. He throws a lively fastball in the 87-91 mph range and features a curveball as his best secondary pitch. Lo joins fellow Taiwanese brethren Chao-Ting Tang and Fu-Te Ni in the organization. The 18 year old (DOB: 12/1/90), who received a 6 figure signing bonus is represented by Eric (Chien-Chen) Chen (other clients include RHP Yao-Lin Wang and RHP Wen-Hao Cheng). EC is rumored to have taken a 16% cut from RHP YL Wang's 260K signing bonus

Read more about HW Lo here.

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