Friday, October 30, 2009

The Latest News....Tsao/Nakagomi Gone...

CPBL Scandal:
Here's the latest 411 on this mess. 1 2
If the Elephants franchise survives this ordeal, it will undergo a significant face lift next year with the team roster.

One-time wonderkid Yi-Hao Lin was released by the Yomiuri Giants. You've got to wonder WTF happened here (in hindsight, the Giants failed to develop the phenom - tinkering with his mechanics & the advice he received from WH Huang and HW Lin to go to Japan didn't pay off) . Makes you ponder and think what if had he chosen the other route and decided to sign with a MLB team (in that scenario he would've received a lot more money - rather than the nominal $100 K he got from the Giants, and better development in the US).


2.5 said...

Now we know why Tsao kept on stinking it up. Haha.

TTT said...

Lol, I was thinking the same thing.

Ron Rollins said...

Is gambling endemic in Taiwan? Is it a cultural thing, or just the players trying to make it some money?

TTT said...

It's both: Taiwanese love to gamble & the majority of CPBL players are underpaid and hence are easily tempted by the money being thrown at them.