Sunday, August 08, 2010

PONY Score Updates....

*Palomino WS:  Taiwan lost its opening game to Lynnhaven, VA 7-1 on Friday.  The team then beat Puerto Rico 10-4 on Saturday, keyed by Meng-Chieh Kan's grand slam home run.    The team was eliminated from the tourney in a 13-11 rematch loss to Lynnhaven, VA today.

*Bronco WS: Taiwan is 2-0 so far in pool play, defeating Chambersburg, PA 9-2 Friday and Mexico 8-1 Saturday. 

*3B Wei-Chih Chen made the 2010 WUBC All-Star Team.


Dominican Baseball Guy said...

Love what you are doing here. I am the Dominican Baseball Guy and am always interested in people that follow baseball in particular countries. I just added a link to your site on the left side of my blog. Keep up the good work.

TTT said...

Thanks man. Appreciate the love.