Saturday, April 21, 2012

HS Top Gun Vids

Here's a couple of vids of some of the tops HS pitchers in Taiwan.

*Wei-Chieh Huang is an 18 year old HS RHP.   Playing on the same HS team as star amateur Tzu-Wei Lin at Kao-Yuan HS, has also allowed Huang to garner the attention of 3-4 ML teams.   Huang has been clocked at a high of 145 kph.    (H:  181 cm/  W:   71 kg)

*Ren-He Tseng, the hard-throwing RHP from San-Min HS, is seen hitting 150 kph in the vid seen below  (he also faced Tzu-Wei Lin #17 and gave up a single in the vid).   Tseng turns 18 in October.    (H:   184 cm/ W:  85 kg)

*Here's a vid of Shi-Yuan righty Chih-Wei Hu.   Hu topped out at 150 kph in this vid.    (18 y.o./H:  184 cm/W:   96 kg)

*Ku-Pao ace Ping-Hsueh Chen topped out at 145 kph here.  (17 y.o./H:  187 cm/W:  92 kg)

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