Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Class of 2003 - The Pitchers

Wei-Yin Chen

Chi-Hung Cheng

Ching-Lung Lo

Chia-An Huang

Well, the current crop of junior pitching talent in Taiwan has been a big disappointment to me. However, it wasn't too long ago that several prominent pitchers from the high school class of 2003 ascended into the spotlight.

Semi-quoting an R. Kelly song, " '85 was a very good year, if you know what i mean my dear......"
1985 was the birth year for these 5 young pitchers:

1)Chien-Ming Chiang (Yomiuri Giants) 5/27/85

2)Chi-Hung Cheng (Toronto Blue Jays) 6/20/85

3)Wei-Yin Chen (Chunichi Dragons) 7/21/85

4)Ching-Lung Lo (Colorado Rockies) 8/20/85

5)Chia-An Huang (Seattle Mariners) 11/11/85

The development of premium young arms is vital to Taiwan's continued success on the international baseball stage.

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