Saturday, September 10, 2005

A win vs. Australia!!!

Taiwan ended a 3 game losing streak and outhit/outpitched Australia for sole posession of 5th place in their pool. Taiwan won 11-4 behind a complete game, 5 hit performance from pitcher Chien-Ming Chiang. Chiang had 6K's/0 walks/ and gave up 4 runs - 2 earned, all by way of home runs (2).

Offensively, Taiwan racked up 18 hits, as pretty much everyone in the lineup got in on the hit parade.

Chen in 5 plate appearances had a single and a RBI
Hu in 5 plate appearances had 2 hits - (single,double) and a SB
Lo in 5 plate appearances had 2 hits -(single, double), a SB, and 2 RBI's
Kuo in 5 plate appearances had 4 hits - all singles

In an interesting note, Kuo-Hui Lo has DH'd in all of the games and has not played defensively in the OF.


Anonymous said...

Too bad it's over now, and the last game doesn't matter anymore. If taiwan had won the last two they would have still made it through as third place team right?

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

Hypothetically, if Taiwan did beat both the US and Nicaragua, then it would have been seeded #3, because of the tie-breaker rules. However, it's all a moot point now.
Taiwan should view the last game against the US as their consolation game and give it their all. They have nothing to lose.