Monday, December 26, 2005

CPBL Draft Results...

As expected, the LA New Bears selected Chin-Feng Chen first overall in the CPBL draft.

The Whales selected RHP Che-Yi Su (on far right in the linked pic) with the 2nd overall pick in the first round.

The rest of the first round selections were as follows:

#3 pick - Elephants: LHP Ding-Jen Yeh
#4 pick - Lions: LHP Pai-Ching Chiang
#5 pick - Cobras: RHP Chia-Hung Chen
#6 pick - Bulls: OF Chien-Jung Su

For the rest of the team's picks, you can go to the CPBL's official website (in Chinese) for further detail.


JiaYou said...

I just found your blog, and I wish I knew about it long ago. Keep it up!! I have been back and forth in between Taiwan and the U.S. and I have had an interest in the CPBL for a few years.

I'm kind of curious as to what your opinion is on the Chen situation with the Dodgers. I mean, he performed at every level he was ever at, and was never given a legitimate chance in the bigs. Why haven't they kept him? He's not young, but he's definitely not old.

Also, is it a done deal that he's gonna' sign with La New? If so, I'd like to catch a game or two when I go back (my wife is Taiwanese, and we try to go back each year)....But I think a few mlb clubs will give him an option....

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

Thanks for the kind words.

Personally, I feel that Chen never was given a true opportunity to show what he could do on an every day basis at the ML level.

I mean come on, in 4 years - Chen has had only 22 AB's with the Dodgers. Yea, he did strike out a lot (10K's), but offensively, I don't think he could have been much worse than utility OF Jason Grabowski. The stigmas that have dogged Chen for his career - weak arm, poor defense, personality problems........I think have continued to hurt his prospects at the ML level.

I really hope he wins a roster spot in spring training with some ML team, because if he stays the entire year in Taiwan, then the likelihood of him returning to the ML becomes very remote.

JiaYou said...

Hey, thanks for the reply!

I'm also wondering if Chen is a definite roster man for the WBC team. I'm thinking of making it to Aneheim to watch, but if Wang and Tsao and chen don't go, then it's out of my price range.

...I hope Chen gets picked up. Regardless of his strikeout problems, the guy is productive. How can any club pass on proven AAA production?...anyway, at least Hu Chin-Lung brings hope to a lifelong Dodger fan such as myself who wants to see a Taiwanese position player make it. I've seen him play several times, and he can PLAY...