Sunday, December 11, 2005

Hu Chin Lung...

"The Dynamic Duo" - Hu and Chen

Was named by Baseball America as the 10th best prospect in the LA Dodgers organization.

Here's what BA wrote about Hu:
Background: One scout described Vero Beach's double-play combo of Hu and Abreu as "the traveling circus show" because of their penchant for defensive highlights. Hu finished second to Abreu in the Florida State League batting race, then hit .343 for Taiwan at the World Cup tournament following the season.
Strengths: While Abreu is a plus defender, Hu is off the charts. He's slightly undersized but wiry strong with outstanding body control and pure shortstop actions. His range is extraordinary, as are his hands, and his arm and speed are both above average. Hu made an adjustment at the plate, curtailing his leg kick, which improved his balance and prevented him from flying open during his swing. He has surprising pop, uses the whole field, and has a good feel for the strike zone.
Weaknesses: Hu has a tendency to bail on good breaking balls and he needs to become more selective. His small frame doesn't lend considerable room for projection.
The Future: Hu should be a .270 hitter with 10 home runs annually in the big leagues. Ticketed for Double-A, he should reach LA by the end of 2007.


bigdaub said...

i remembered at one time chin-feng chen was the *top* dodger prospect.

frank said...

Yep, Chen's the one who got me into follow minor league baseball.

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...


I can't believe it's been 5 years (2000) when BA named Chen the top dawg in the Dodgers minor league organization. Funny thing is, Eric Gagne was named the top pitching prospect (for LA) that year - look at what he's done with his career!

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

I hope Tsao fully recovers and lives up to his #1 prospect status with the Rockies.

According to BA, Tsao was the #1 prospect in that organization 3 TIMES!!! - 2001, 2002, 2004.

bigdaub said...

as a life long dodger fan before chen signed with the dodgers, i truly believe jim tracy wasted chen away. he had opportunities to play chen and never gave him a chance.

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

I agree with you dude.

If anything, for this past season, when the Dodgers were out of contention for the playoffs, Chen should have been given a shot over "Crapowski" in the OF spot. Although Jason Grabowski was an adequate defender in the OF, he was atrocious at the plate. Chen's defense has come a long way, and his streaky yet productive bat should have earned him a few more AB's in the Bigs.

Now I hear that the Orix BlueWave want to sign Grabowski and expect him to hit 30 HR's!!! Based on career minor league #'s, Grabowski couldn't hold Chen's jock when it comes to power #'s. Sheesh, based on the HR projection #'s, why not sign Chen so he can hit 40 HR's!!!