Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Comparing the Power of CS Yang and CF Chen

Watching vid highlights of CS Yang at the plate has me reminiscing to the earlier days of Chin-Feng Chen. The power generated by both guys at the plate is impressive when you look at their vids. Check out this video of CFC in 1997 when he was 20 years old, cracking a HR against China (I do believe he used an aluminum bat during that game/tourney). The following year, CFC had a breakout year on the international stage when he crushed 5 HR's (to lead the entire tourney) at the Baseball World Cup (click on 1998 link) - that led to him being scouted and signed by the LA Dodgers in 1999.

The impressive thing about CS Yang is that despite being only 19 years old, he is already flashing good power using a wood bat in this year's international tourneys. After only one year in the minors, Yang's power has translated well to the pro game (after having prolific power numbers in HS using an aluminum bat). Being selected to the NT in 2006 for the WBC, the I-Cup, and the Asian Games is a testament to the talent and potential of Yang. In fact, a friend informed me that MLB scouts at the Intercontinental Cup (scouting the Cubans) were extremely impressed by Yang - stating that he could have been a first round pick in the MLB draft (if only he was American).

See Yang's HR vs Japan 11/19/06 in the Intercontinental Cup and HR vs. the Netherlands 11/13/06 also in the Intercontinental Cup.
For more vids please check out this sweet site: Although it is a Chinese language site, it is easily navigatable (use the mouse over technique) and has many highlights of Taiwanese star ballplayers.


Anonymous said...

Who is the scout said that? Pretty big statement since he's saying Yang could be the top 30 best hs/college player in the US, if he's American.

tsong001 said...

It wasn't pretty, but the Taiwan NT took the gold medal in the Asian Games by defeating Japanese NT 8-7 on a game-winning hit by Lin Chih-Sheng!

I'm so proud of our boys as they overcame a 3-run deficit in the 7th inning and took the lead of the first time. Although Japanese NT retake the lead in 8th inning on a 2-run shot, our boys never gave up and scored 2 runs of their own in the bottom of 9th to seal the deal. Go Taiwanese Baseball!