Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Slim Pickings - 2007 CPBL Draft....

The CPBL draft took place today and a total of 11 amateur players were drafted by the teams involved. In comparison to last year's draft (with CFC and TJ Yeh), the 2007 draft lacked the big names. Oddly enough, the Macoto Cobras and President Lions did not participate in the draft.

Chen (R) - #1 Pick

#1 pick in action - playing the hot corner

With the first pick in the draft, the Brother Elephants selected 24 year old IF Chiang-Ho Chen - a former NT member that participated in the 2005 Baseball World Cup.
Pitcher Chien-Hung Kuo (known for his 88 mph fastball) was picked #2 by the C.T. Whales. The Sinon Bulls took pitcher Yan-Ming Chen with the #3 pick. Pitcher Che-Hsiung Lin rounded out the first round as the #4 pick by the LA New Bears.

Other picks:
2nd Round:
C Chia-Wei Lin - Elephants
C Jen-Chieh Wu - Whales
Chia-Yu Lin - Bulls
P Yu-Liang Cheng - Bears

3rd Round:
Chun-Lin Yeh - Bears

4th Round:
P Chia-Hua Liu - Bears

5th Round:
OF Jen-Chieh Hsu - Whales


Anonymous said...

only 11 players were drafted?

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

Tell me about it. After losing arguably the top 2 domestic pro pitchers to the NPB, the CPBL will need to look elsewhere to help fill the talent void. A weak draft won't help much.

chinocoug said...

whoa, 88mph fastball. scary.

man, raise the cap on foreign players! What better way to groom locals than to expose them to better competition.

Anonymous said...

88 eh? didnt Yi-Hao Lin throw a low 90s heater? and he's only 15... sad that all our good players our being stolen by Japan

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

You do realize that the CPBL in the mid 90's to 2000 experimented with raising and even eliminating the caps on foreign players. The result was disasterous as attendance declined year after year as locals stopped supporting the game.
As financially strapped as the CPBL is, I don't think that they want a repeat performance of what happened 10 years ago.
I do agree that foreign players can help to raise the level of talent in the CPBL, but it's more about the quality rather than the quantity of foreign players. Then again, trying to attract top talent without providing top $$$ is hard to do - and the CPBL can not compete with the NPB or the KBO for that matter. Increasing foreign player roster spots also takes away valuable developmental time from young domestic players.

Anonymous said...

i guess the best thing we can do now is improve the level of play of our domestic players. I do believe that our Taiwanese players have really improved in the past few years - due to the victories against Cuba and Japan etc. recently. Wang Chien Ming has really help revive our national sport this past year. I hope our players continue to get better.

chinocoug said...

No, I wasn't aware, but my cousin in Taiwan told me that native players were more popular than foreigners, so it makes sense.

If we do increase the cap by 1 or 2 players per team, however, people won't notice.

What Wang has done has been great. However, fans may see MLB and CPBL as substitutes, as what happened to the
. We should get Wang to do a commercial for the CPBL or something.

Anonymous said...

A lot of these players aren't really that good.