Friday, February 16, 2007


First of all, I want to say thank you to all who come and visit this blog. My aim is to provide accurate information in English regarding what's going on in the world of Taiwanese amateur and professional baseball.

I recently had to delete a post in the comments section that attempted to spread a false rumor regarding a MLB organization signing C.H. Lin.* As far as I am concerned, this rumor is false based on the info that I know. The only known fact is that several MLB organizations are very interested in Lin - although I'm sure that this time around, all involved parties want to avoid the C.H. Chiang early signing fiasco from a lil' while back. To the poster(momo1845) of that comment (and to future posters), I'd appreciate that if you do post such a claim, that you email me your source/link to help substantiate your claim - otherwise I will delete your post.

I also want to thank everyone who replied to the previous job ad. One of the readers (who will remain anonymous at this time) of this blog was actually hired by the respective MLB organization to serve as an interpreter for returning minor league Taiwanese ball player(s) in the '07 season. Congrats to you and good luck this season!



J said...

I have a link to a story that's going around, unfortunately, I can't read Mandarin...

China Times

I've run it through a couple of online translators and talked to a few people who either can read it or know people who can, and it seems as though RHP Chia-an Huang won't be pitching this year, as he's enlisted to do his military service. The Mariners are apparently holding out hope that he'll come back and they'll get an actual return on their investment, but with all the other issues surrounding him since his first season, I'm not sure if I'm very hopeful.

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

I feel bad for the Mariners organization - Huang is physically gifted, but I don't think the drive to succeed is there. Huang serving in the military rather than come to the US says a lot about where his priorities lie.

J said...

If it can teach him a little discipline and he comes back, I'm find with it, but I don't know if I see it happening.

It seems like a waste of a great talent. I liked him better than just about any other pitcher we drafted the year he signed.