Sunday, February 18, 2007

Loose Ends...

*Former Seibu Lions pitching great, Tai-Yuan Kuo will lead the NT later this year in 2 key tourneys - the Asian Baseball Championships and more importantly, the Asia qualifier for the 2008 Beijing Olympics (only top two teams qualify + home team China).

*Hanshin Tigers OF Wei-Chu Lin has been wielding a hot bat as of late in ST. He was 3-3 against the Nippon Fighters on Saturday, raising his ST average to .600 over 3 games.

*Jason Churchill, who runs (gives an indepth look at the Mariners and their farm system) has a fairly accurate writeup on Yung-Chi Chen, whom he has rated as the 15th best prospect in the system.


Anonymous said...

wow i didnt know Ivanon Coffie is going to play in taiwan next season. that's pretty cool

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

I'm sure somewhere out there Cor is pretty excited about the news!

Cor said...

It was funny to read about Coffie, as I tried many hats of the baseball players of the NT as well and none of them fits one my hat.
We Dutch people have big heads i guess.

Anonymous said...

Tai yuan kuo is the great taigen kaku right? Its good to hear that he'll be leading our NT in the asian baseball championships. About Chen Yung- Chi. How long do you think till he makes it to the big leagues .... im thinkin Hu Chin-lung might make it before him.

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

T.Y. Kuo = Taigen Kaku

For both Chen and Hu, they have some young veterans blocking their path to the bigs. Dodgers SS Furcal is 29 while Mariners 2B Lopez is only 23. Chen can also play 3B, but Adrian Beltre (27) has that position locked down.

I think the only way either one of these guys makes the parent club this year is due to injuries to the guys in front of them, or unless they have a phenomenal year and the ball club brings them up when the rosters expand in the fall. I'd say the ETA at the earliest for either guy is 2008 or 2009