Tuesday, March 16, 2010

CMW - Back in Action....

*CMW threw his first bullpen on Monday. The key phrase here is pain-free.

*Ku-Pao HS won the Taiwan Cup defeating Kao-Yuan 4-1 on Monday. Shi-Yuan HS earned third in the tourney.

*A select collegiate NT squad (under 26) will face an amateur Japanese baseball squad - the Ibaraki Golden Golds on March 20th. A few well of the more recognized names representing Taiwan include: Min-Tzu (Chih) Chen, Po-Ting Hsiao, Hung-Cheng Lai, and Wei-Chen Wang. The IGG will be in Taiwan from the 19th - 22nd of this month.

*For more scoop on CPBL news, check here.


2.5 said...

Where are you man?

TTT said...

I'm still here....just super busy.