Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Latest News...

Alright, I apologize for the lack of posts lately, but things have been really busy in my personal life (this means more infrequent postings). While I can't make any promises, I'll try and post when there's some newsworthy information (particularly amateur signings/prospect news).

The Man in Tainan does an excellent job with covering CPBL news/games, so I'll leave you guys in good hands on his site.

Ok, on to some recent and not so recent news coverage:

-The Reds released IF Yen-Wen Kuo

-The Indians released RHP Sung-Wei Tseng

-CMW's brother-in-law got into a fist fight and told the other party about his relationship with CMW (not too smart if you ask me)

-RHP Min-Tzu Chen had an outing ~ 2 weeks ago. 3 Mariners scouts were there to see him, however he topped out at only 88 mph. His agent's asking price is rumored to be in the $300 - 500 K range!

-Red Sox Pac Rim Director Jon Deeble and the Cincinnati Reds' Paul Pierson (Assistant Director of Amateur Scouting) recently visited Taiwan

-CMW and HC Kuo both have had setbacks

-Bulls RHP Ko-Chien Lin (arguably last year's top rookie hurler in the CPBL) underwent elbow surgery

-Recent vid of Yi-Hao Lin looking good in a nigun game (K'ing the side and topping out at 145 kph):

-CJ Lo was reassigned to minor league camp

-FT Ni started in his last outing

-A Kuo-Hui Lo sighting and an update on Chen-Chang Lee

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