Monday, May 31, 2010

2010 NT Training Roster.....

A 50 man preliminary roster has been selected to represent the country later this summer at the Haarlem Baseball Week Tournament in Holland (7/9-7/18) and then the WUBC in Japan (7/30-8/7).   The roster will be pared down to 30 on the 13th of June after several intrasquad scrimmages .
Here's the roster (P Hsiao and IF Kuo will not be eligible to play in the WUBC):

1)Yi-Chieh (Jie) Hsiao (Hanshin Tigers)
2)Wen-Yang Liao
3)Chen-Hua Lin
4)Tsung-Hsuan Tseng
5)Hao-Chun Chiu
6)Yu-Ching Lin
7)Hung-Cheng Lai
8)Kuan-Yu Chen
9)Wen-Hao Cheng
10)Chun-Ju Liao
11)Kuan-Ju Chen
12)Kuan-Han Lin
13)Wen-Cheng Hsu
14)Po-Kai Lai
15)Ying-Shan Wang
16)Chi Chuan
17)Hao-Che Tu
18)Yu-Hsun Chen
19)Po-Yu Lin (ex-White Sox)
20)Chu-Chien Hsu
21)Chia-Chun Tang
22)Wei-Hsiang Lin
23)Cheng-Lung Lo

1)Chun-Chieh Wang
2)Kuan-Wei Yang
3)Sheng-Hsun Chou
4)Kun-Sheng Lin
5)Jui-Mu Chen
6)Cheng-Da Wu

1)Yen-Wen Kuo (ex-Reds) - pictured on left
2)Chi-Wai Teng
3)Wei-Che Chen
4)Yen-Chi Huang
5)Chi-Pei Huang
6)Wei-Ting Lin
7)Ting-Yu Tang
8)Tsung-Han Yu
9)Po-Ting Hsiao
10)Han Lin
11)Pai-Hung Wu
12) Chih-Hsiang Lin
13)Hsien-Yin Yang

1)Chen-Yu Hong
2)Chia-Chu Lee
3)Chun-Liang Lin
4)Yi-Kun Huang
5)Wang-Qi-Wei Lin
6)Yin-Lun Lan
7)Chia-Jung Lee
8)Wei-Kan Lin

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