Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bronco Reps Set.....

Taichung City won the TOTO Cup, earning the right to represent Taiwan in the Bronco Division (12 and under) of the Asia-Pacific Tourney. The tourney will be held on home soil, in the city of Taipei from July 18th - 23rd.

Taichung City's Tsung Lin fired a 2 hitter in the championship game against Kaohsiung County (a 6-0 victory) to earn tourney MVP honors. His teammate Shih-Peng Chen had the highest BA (.571) and most wins (2 W/3.00 ERA) in the tourney.

Speaking of Little League/Pony (Bronco) Baseball, the IBAF is pushing for a little league level (12 and under) world championships next year. The timing of the event (conflicts with the current Little League and Pony organizations regional and championship tourneys) may make it difficult to put together a true national team for participating countries.

*Here's a nice read on C Chun-Hsiu Chen. He's having a breakout season this year.

*Bad news regarding P Chia-Jen Lo - he has a UCL tear (although not severe enough to require TJ surgery).

*The Yu-Shan Cup (HS tourney) has kicked off (began 5/24th). The winner will be crowned June 6th.

KY Chen
In the Spring Collegiate Tourney, LHP Kuan-Yu Chen (playing for Taiwan Beer) has been the story of the tourney - throwing 36 innings without allowing an earned run. Although he earned a ND yesterday (28th), he threw 6 shutout innings against the MeiFu Giants, allowing only 1 hit to go along with 3 K's and 4 BB's in his team's 1-0 win.

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