Sunday, June 06, 2010

Taichung City Wins Yu-Shan Cup....

Taichung City defeated Kaohsiung County 5-2 in the championship game of the Yu-Shan Cup.   The team will form the backbone for the junior NT that will represent the country at the 2010 World Junior Championships.  
The team roster is composed primarily of players from Shi-Yuan HS and Gao-Nong HS, headlined by young slugger Chin-De Chang (cleanup hitter, was 2-3 with an RBI in the championship game).   Tourney MVP Hung-Yi Chen started and won the championship game (6 IP, 2 R/1 ER, 3 H, 0 K's, 4 BB's).  
Taoyuan County defeated Taipei County - Banchiao 6-2 in the 3rd place game.

Taichung City Team Roster:* denotes lefty
1)RHP Che-Wei Kao  195 cm/90 kg  16 (Gao-Nong)
2)RHP Chih-Wei Hu  184 cm/85 kg  16 (Shi-Yuan)  - '09 Youth NT/'09 Pony League WS
3)OF Yao-Chieh Pan 180 cm/78 kg  17 (Gao-Nong)
4)IF Ching-Fu Lin 172 cm/74 kg  17 (Shi-Yuan) - '08 Youth NT
5)IF Chin-De Chang 180 cm/88 kg 17 (Gao-Nong)* - '06 Little League NT
6)IF Chun-Kai Liao 176 cm/76 kg  18 (Shi-Yuan) - '08 Youth NT
7)RHP Chun-Han Lin 175 cm/75 kg  17 (Gao-Nong)
8)OF Yao-Tsung Ou  177 cm/70 kg  18 (Gao-Nong)
9)IF Kun-Yu Wen 178 cm/85 kg  17 (Shi-Yuan)* - '09 Youth NT
10)IF Nian-Che Chang-Liao 173 cm/70 kg  18  (Shi-Yuan) - '05 Pony League WS/ '08 Youth NT
11)OF Meng-Chieh Kan  172 cm/80 kg  17  (Shi-Yuan) - '05 Little League Rep/'07 Pony League WS/'08 Youth NT
12)C Ting-Yen Lin  173 cm/75 kg  17  (Shi-Yuan) - '05 Little League Rep/'07 Pony League WS/
13)OF Yu-Chien Lin  176 cm/72 kg  18 (Shi-Yuan)* - '05 Pony League WS/'08 Youth NT
14)RHP Chun-Lin Kuo  175 cm/72 kg   18 (Shi-Yuan) - '08 Youth NT
15)OF Chia-Ching Lin  180 cm/78 kg   18  (Shi-Yuan)* - '05 Pony League WS
16)RHP Ho-An Hsu  180 cm/75 kg  17  (Shi-Yuan)
17)RHP Hung-Yi Chen  180 cm/78 kg  17  (Shi-Yuan)
18)RHP Wei-Ti Weng  182 cm/85 kg  18  (Shi-Yuan) - '08 Youth NT

*MILB:Former Indians farmhand Sung-Wei Tseng has signed with the LA Dodgers.  Tseng was playing earlier this year in the Golden Baseball League and was released prior to to signing with the Dodgers.   He's currently in XST with the Dodgers.

*NPB:LHP Yao-Hsun Yang hit 96 mph on the gun in his last outing.   He hit 94 mph in his appearance today.
The Hanshin Tigers are calling up OF Wei-Chu Lin to the parent club.

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