Sunday, May 25, 2008

2008 Youth NT Roster

Upon completion of the recent national youth tourney (16 and under), an NT youth roster has been selected to participate in the Asian Youth Championships later this summer (to be held August 25th-29th in Japan).*Edited
Taiwan is the defending champion in the event - that team in 2006 included young stars Yi-Hao Lin and Rong-Hao Hsieh.

Here are the 18 young men:

Pitchers (6):
1)Wei-Di Weng (Age 16 - DOB: 2/7/1992)(RHP)(H:6'0" W:176 pounds)
2)Meng-Chieh Kan (Age 15 - DOB: 11/11/1992)(RHP)(H:5'9"W:180 pounds)
3)Wei-Yu Lai (Age 15 - DOB:5/28/1992)(LHP)(H:5'11"W:195 pounds)
4)Cheng-Han Tsai (Age 16 - DOB:3/13/1992)(RHP)(H:6'0"W:171 pounds)
5)Shun-Chang Chen (Age 15 - DOB:12/3/1992)(RHP)(H:6'0"W:172 pounds)
6)Chieh Pan (Age 16 - DOB:3/17/1992)(RHP)(H:5'9 1/2"W:139 pounds)

Catchers (2):
1)Chun-Lin Kuo (Age 16 - DOB: 2/2/1992)(B:R/T:R)(H:5'7"W:143 pounds)
2)Ting-Lun Chang (Age 15 - DOB:12/21/1992)(B:L/T:R)(H:5'3"W:143 pounds)

Infielders (6):
1)Nian-Che Chang-Liao (Age 16 - DOB: 1/25/1992)(B:R/T:R)(H:5'9"W:143 pounds)
2)Chun-Kai Liao (Age 16 - DOB:1/12/1992)(B:R/T:R)(H:5'10"W:154 pounds)
3)Ching-Fu Lin (Age 15 - DOB: 11/22/1992)(B:R/T:R)(H:5'9"W:160 pounds)
4)Shao-An Lan (Age 16 - DOB:2/7/1992)(B:L/T:R)(H:5'6"W:143 pounds)
5)Yueh-Lin Chuang (Age 15 - DOB:12/5/1992)(B:R/T:R)(H:5'11"W:154 pounds)
6)Chien-Ting Feng (Age 16 - DOB:1/5/1992)(B:R/T:R)(H:5'10"W:160 pounds)

Outfielders (4):
1)You-Chien Lin (Age 16 - DOB:1/23/1992)(B:R/T:R)(H:5'9 1/2"W:154 pounds)
2)Yao-Chung Ou (Age 16 - DOB:5/15/1992)(B:R/T:R)(H:6'0"W:165 pounds)
3)Rui-Lin Chang (Age 15 - DOB:6/28/1992)(B:L/T:L)(H:5'11"W:150 pounds)
4)Chia-Huang Lin (Age 15 - DOB:9/15/1992)(B:R/T:R)(H:5'8"W:130 pounds)

In the recently completed national tourney:
OF Chia-Huang Lin had the highest BA - .586
OF Yao-Chung Ou was the top RBI man
P Meng-Chieh Kan had the most HR's - 1
Top pitcher honors went to Meng-Chieh Kan who had 3 wins and an ERA of 0.50
MVP honors went to IF Ching-Fu Lin

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