Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Family Affair....National Team Roster Finalized....

Some news briefs:
*Marines nigun RHP Yen-Feng Lin had surgery (near the end of August) for a broken bone in his right wrist after being struck by a hit ball.

*News brief on CC Lin coming to the US.

*A Name to Remember for Next Year - CH Chen.

*CH Lin won the Red Sox minor league DPOY award. - he also had 15 OF assists this year.

*The CPBL and KBO champs will face off in November for a 2 game tilt.

*Amateur player Chia-Ming Cheng (playing for Taiwan Coop. Bank) has a torn ligament in his throwing elbow.   The ace pitcher is a former Little League star (selected the top national pitcher in '94/was also selected tourney MVP of the '97 world youth "AA" championships and one of the top pitchers in the '98 world youth "AA" championships) who helped lead TCB to a 2nd place finish in the recently completed 2010 Association Cup (Taipei City won the tourney).   Cheng hit 4th in the lineup and batted .384 (good for 7th in the tourney).    To continue his career as a pitcher, Cheng will require Tommy John surgery.

*The Dodgers will allow IF Chin-Lung Hu to play in the Asian Games only (Hu will not play in the Intercontinental Cup).   As expected, Hong-Chih Kuo will not be representing his country in either competition. 

*The 24-man final senior national team roster has been announced for the upcoming Asian Games:
1)Hung-Wen Chen (Cubs)
2)Yao-Hsun Yang (Hawks)
3)Chih-Lung Huang (Giants)
4)Yi-Hao Lin (Giants)
5)Ming-Chieh Hsu (Lions)
6)Yi-Chieh Hsiao (Tigers)
7)Chien-Fu Yang (Bulls)
8)Ying-Chieh Lin (Bulls)
9)Wei-Lun Pan (Lions)
10)Kuan-Yu Chen (Amateur - Taiwan Beer)

1)Chun-Hsiu Chen (Indians)
2)Chih-Kang Kao (Lions)
3)Kun-Sheng Lin (Amateur)

1)Chin-Lung Hu (Dodgers)
2)Yung-Chi Chen (Pirates)
3)Tu-Hsuan Lee (Hawks)
4)Cheng-Min Peng (Elephants)
5)Yi-Chuan Lin (Bulls)
6)Tai-Shan Chang (Bulls)
7)Chih-Sheng Lin (Bears)

1)Che-Hsuan Lin (Red Sox)
2)Kuo-Hui Lo (Mariners)
3)Dai-Kang Yang (Fighters)
4)Chien-Ming Chang (Bulls)

The South Korean contingent has been finalized and includes MLB standout Shin-Soo Choo.

*Yi Chang, is a 16 year old IF/RHP playing in Japan.  He's currently playing at Fukuoka Daiichi HS.  Sounds familiar?    Chang is following in the footsteps of his cousin - Dai-Kang Yang (formerly known as Chung-Shou Yang) by attempting to trace his career path (Taiwanese middle school>Japanese HS>NPB?) at Yang's alma mater.  
Chang belongs to an exclusive baseball family with good bloodlines.  
His cousins include:
-brothers -Dai-Kang Yang (Fighters), Yao-Hsun Yang (Hawks), Yao-Hua Yang (Nagasaki Saints)
-brothers - Chih-Yuan Chen (Ex-Elephants), Chih-Peng Chen (Elephants)
-Hua-Wei Tseng (Ex-Bulls)
-Hua Yang (2009 Lions' 10th round draft pick)
-Chia-Min Tseng (Ex-Elephants)

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