Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Junior NT Retro Look......

In a previous post, we've looked at past junior national teams and their rosters/results.  One interesting thing to note is that the success of the junior NT has not always correlated with the amount of talent (based on overseas signings) on the team.
(Bold # -overseas signees/team final ranking)

2000(2/5th World)
2001(5/1st Asia)
2002(5/2nd World)
2003(6/2nd Asia)

2004(8 -see below/5th World)
2005(5 -see below/3rd Asia)
2006(6 -see below/5th World)
2007(2 -see below/1st Asia) 

-To update the list:

1)the 2004 junior NT also included three more recent signees: Chia-Jen Lo (Astros), Chen-Chang Lee (Indians), and Kai-Wen Cheng (Tigers) to up the total of junior NT members to sign abroad to 8.

2)An update to the 2005 junior NT includes: Kai-Wen Cheng (Tigers) and Chao-Ting Tang (Tigers) to up the total to 5 (MLB/NPB signees).

3)The 2006 junior NT also saw Kai-Wen Cheng (Tigers) and Chih-Lung Huang (Giants) sign abroad - to up the total to 6 (MLB/NPB signees).

4)From the 2007 junior NT, Chih-Lung Huang (Giants) and Chia-Chu Chen (Red Sox) signed abroad (2 total).

-The 2008 junior NT finished 5th in the world.  To date only one player has signed abroad - Fu-Lin Kuo (Yankees).

-The 2009 junior NT placed 2nd to South Korea in Asia.   Three players signed overseas: Yao-Lin Wang (Cubs), Fu-Lin Kuo (Yankees), and Pin-Chieh Chen (Cubs).

-And of course, the 2010 junior NT made us all proud with a world title.   OF Chia-Ching Lin has already signed with the Indians and RHP Hung-Yi Chen is a Minnesota Twins signee.  IF Tzu-Wei Lin is a sure bet to sign somewhere when all's said and done with his HS career.

Prior to 2000, there were several outstanding junior NT's, however we'll only look back to 1994 as that was the year the current elder statesman overseas (MC Hsu) was on a junior NT roster:

1)1994 (1/3rd Asia - 0/3rd World) - The junior NT sent two squads to participate in both tourneys.  RHP Ming-Chieh Hsu (Lions) was on the Asian junior NT.  Ex-Elephants great Chih-Yuan Chen played on both junior NT squads.

2)1995 (2/2nd World) - Chin-Feng Chen (Dodgers/Bears) and Chia-Chia (Elephants) headlined this squad. P Wen-Ping Yu played briefly overseas in the NPB (Orix Blue Wave).

3)1996 (1/2nd Asia - 0/2nd World) - CFC (Dodgers/Bears) was on the Asian junior NT.  Chia-Chia (Elephants) and Kuo-Ching Kao (Lions) played on the world squad.

4)1997 (2/2nd World) - Chien-Ming Wang (Yankees/Nats) and Chin-Hui Tsao (Rockies/Dodgers/Elephants) were future major leaguers on this squad.

5)1998 (3/2nd Asia) - Chih-Chia Chang (Lions/Bears), Chien-Ming Wang (Yanks/Nats), and Hong-Chih Kuo (Dodgers) headlined this junior NT.

6)1999 (3/2nd World) - Chin-Hui Tsao (Rockies/Dodgers/Elephants), Ying-Chieh Lin (Cobras/Eagles/Bulls), and Chi-Hung Cheng (Jays/Pirates) were some of the power arms on this squad.   Hong-Chih Kuo was supposed to be on this team, until he was booted for signing with the Dodgers prior to his HS graduation.

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