Monday, January 24, 2011

The Cultural Divide?

*A journalist from UDN, Lou (Chin-Pin Lo) has voiced his displeasure with some of the "foreign" scouts at the recently completed Wood Bat Tourney.   Lo noted that some of the foreign scouts parked themselves inside the VIP boxes and were inconsiderate, noting that one foreign scout was smoking inside the VIP box while scouting the HS games.   Read more here.

-Mei-Ho HS advanced to the Sweet 16 after defeating Taitung PE 6-4.  Mei-Ho OF Chan-Chia Liu hit well in the game and got rave reviews from Indians' coaches (Bruce Fields and Gary Thurman).   Liu was on the 2008 NT that represented the country at the 5th Junior Nankyu Baseball World Championships.  Liu won the most outstanding player award in the tourney and hit a HR in helping lead the NT to the title.

-Cheng-Kung HS eliminated Yang-Ming HS with a 5-2 victory.  Yang-Ming HS head coach Tu-Hung  Lee has stated his wishes for better recruits while Cheng-Kung's head coach Kao has complained of a lack of budget for the baseball program.

-HS Wood Bat Champs Kao-Yuan advanced to the field of 16 with a 12-2 win over Yang-Der HS.  Tzu-Wei Lin (double, triple) and Tzu-Hao Chen (3 hits, 3 RBI) led the way for Kao-Yuan.

-Other winners on the day included Shi-Yuan, Tung-Shih, Ping-Zhen, Hualien PE, & Shan-Hua.

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