Sunday, January 16, 2011

WBT: Power Surge and the Elite Eight...

HS Wood Bat Tourney:
*The final field of 8 HS squads has been determined.
In the Quarterfinals:
Ping-Zhen plays Shi-Yuan
San-Hsin plays Nan-Ying
Ku-Pao plays San-Min
Kao-Yuan plays Hsin-She

*Chia-Ming Cheng of Shi-Yuan HS will focus exclusively on pitching.  The lefty was on the 2009 youth NT as an IF.

*IF Hung-Sheng Yang of Ku-Pao leads the tourney with 2 home runs.  This comes as no surprise as Yang was a member of the 2010 world junior championship squad.   He led the world junior tourney with 12 RBI while also leading the team with 2 HR while hitting at a .346 clip.  He was the tourney All-Star selection at 2B.     Yang's well-scouted teammate Po-Rong (Jung) Wang, has also cracked a HR in the tourney.

There's been 9 home runs hit in the tourney so far, 8 of which came in the same park (Chung Cheng University ballpark in Chiayi), leading some to argue that the wind has had something to do with the power surge.

CPBL:*Former Lions 2B Sen Yang is considering legal action to try and get back his salary. 

Other:Where have you gone Chia-An Huang?    

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