Thursday, July 14, 2011

More News....(Updated 7/14)

*LHP Wei-Chung Wang (Octagon) failed his physical with the Pirates due to an ulnar collateral ligament tear that will require Tommy John surgery; his contract was voided.
***UPDATED 7/14 - Some new info on Wang:  Word is that the $350 K offer was rescinded by the Pirates due to the physical, however the Pirates still wanted to sign him (albeit at a lower price) and give him an opportunity.   The snag?  His agent rejected the offer.  Hmmm, if true, the kid passed on an opportunity to at least have his elbow taken care of by a US orthopedic surgeon.

*A few ML teams including the Indians are after former Ku-Pao HS RHP/OF Chih-Yu Lin.

*The Pirates have released OF Chi.

*The Reds have released LHP Tzu-Kai Chiu.

*Reds prospect P Po-Cheng Chi is out for the season with an elbow injury.

*Astros minor leaguer CJ Lo hurt his elbow again in Florida.

*Ex-Cubs farmhand RHP Tzu-An Wang is represented by L3 agency.

*The Cubs have moved 2B Pin-Chieh Chen to CF, with good results.

*Hanshin RHP Kai-Wen Cheng was called up to the 1st team, after 35 consecutive scoreless innings with the ni-gun team.

*CPBL President Lions RHP Wei-Lun Pan has an ulnar collateral ligament injury and is out indefinitely.

*CPBL Elephants RHP En-Yu Lin still has not made progress from his labrum surgery.

*CPBL Elephants RHP Sung-Wei Tseng has lost velocity and his feel for pitching, as he is struggling while playing for the minor league team.

*Nice read on Red Sox prospect CH Chiang.

*New Pirate Chin-De Chang flashing his Black and Yellow Pride:
Chang goes by Jhin-De Jhang.

*Taiwan will most likely face South Korea tomorrow in the AP Regional Championship game.  Winner heads to Williamsport.

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