Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tzu-Wei Lin Vids

Here's a few vids of Red Sox GCL infielder Tzu-Wei Lin in action (Note that he utilizes a wood bat in all of the games):

1)Lin is #17 - vid shows bat and speed, stretching a single into a double:  view from beginning to 1:33 mark

2)Here Lin is facing one of the top HS pitchers in Taiwan - Jung-Hung Sen. Lin just misses out on an opposite field HR. Also note how Lin's bat always seems to find the ball.

3)Lin Facing the Junior Japanese National team at the 2011 Asian BFA Junior Championships:

4)Lin facing top HS junior Ren-He Tseng (clocked in the 150's)and slapping a single to CF. view from 3:33 mark till 4:52

Taiwanese Mid-Season All-Stars:
1)CF Dai-Kang Yang - NPB Fighters - Selected by Fans to represent PL in the OF.
2)IF/DH Chun-Hsiu Chen - Akron Aeros (AA)- Eastern League All Star
3)IF Chih-Fang Pan - Will represent World Team at 2012 Futures Game

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