Monday, October 17, 2005

60 man roster announced!!!

In preparation for the World Classic, Team Taiwan's preliminary roster was announced today. The list consists of 25 pitchers, 8 catchers, 17 infielders, and 10 outfielders.

1)Chien-Ming Wang 3/31/80 NY Yankees
2)Hong-Chih Kuo 7/23/81 LA Dodgers
3)Chien-Ming Chiang 5/27/85 Yomiuri Giants
4)Wei-Yin Chen 7/21/85 Chunichi Dragons
5)Yao-Hsun Yang 1/22/83 Fukuoka Daiei Hawks
6)Chin-Hui Tsao 6/2/81 Colorado Rockies
7)Ching-Lung Lo 8/20/85 Colorado Rockies
8)Po-Hsuan keng 10/15/84 Toronto Blue Jays
9)Chi-Hung Cheng 6/20/85 Toronto Blue Jays
10)Chia-An Huang 11/11/85 Seattle Mariners
11)Chih-Chia Chang 5/6/80 Seibu Lions
12)Ming-Chieh Hsu 12/1/76 Seibu Lions
13)En-Yu Lin 3/25/81 Macoto Cobras
14)Ying-Chieh Lin 5/1/81 Macoto Cobras
15)Chu-Jien Hsu 1/25/81 Macoto Cobras
16)Wen-Hsiung Hsu 12/5/78 LA New Bears
17)Wei-Lun Pan 3/5/82 President Lions
18)Bao-Hsien Wu 2/6/80 Brother Elephants
19)Chien-Fu Yang 4/22/79 Sinon Bulls
20)Wei-Ming Chu 8/2/81 Chinatrust Whales
21)Ying-Feng Tsai 5/26/83 Amateur
22)Min-Ching Kao 7/12/84 Amateur
23)Sung-Wei Tseng 12/28/84 Amateur
24)Yi-Che Huang 2/14/83 Amateur
25)Chun-Chung Huang 4/25/82 No Affiliation - former Boston Red Sox
26)Chih-Kang Kao 2/7/81 President Lions
27)Chun-Chang Yeh 10/25/72 Sinon Bulls
28)Feng-Min Chen 10/29/77 LA New Bears
29)Chin-Shou Shi 9/26/74 Chinatrust Whales
30)Chih-Hong Chen 12/11/78 Amateur
31)Yi-Wei Lee 8/18/83 Amateur
32)Cheng-Hua Kao 7/1/77 President Lions
33)Kuan-Yi Yang 2/17/85 Amateur
34)Chin-Lung Hu 2/2/84 LA Dodgers
35)Yung-Chi Chen 7/13/83 Seattle Mariners
36)Chung-Shou Yang 1/17/87 Nippon Ham Fighters
37)Chia-Hsien Hsieh 4/8/76 Macoto Cobras
38)Chao-Kuan Wu 5/25/84 Seattle Mariners
39)Chih-Sheng Lin 1/1/82 LA New Bears
40)Sen Yang 3/25/81 President Lions
41)Kuo-Ching Kao 10/6/78 President Lions
42)Chang-Ming Cheng 1/28/78 Chinatrust Whales
43)Chia-Hung Chen 10/3/80 Chinatrust Whales
44)Tai-Shan Chang 10/31/76 Sinon Bulls
45)Chia-Hao Chang 10/31/76 Sinon Bulls
46)Shih-Yang Deng 7/24/79 Macoto Cobras
47) Yi-Chuan Lin 11/11/85 Amateur
48)Sheng-Wei Wang 4/1/84 Amateur
49)Chiang-Ho Chen 1/15/82 Amateur
50)Tsung-Han Yu 8/24/85 Amateur
51)Chin-Feng Chen 10/28/77 LA Dodgers
52)Wei-Tsu Lin 1/22/79 Hanshin Tigers
53)Kuo-Hui Lo 9/26/85 Seattle Mariners
54)Cheng-Min Peng 8/6/78 Brother Elephants
55)Chih-Yuan Chen 10/27/76 Brother Elephants
56)Long-Yi Huang 2/20/79 LA New Bears
57)Ying-Chieh Liao 9/17/84 Amateur
58)Ying-Chieh Chung 1/31/85 Amateur
59)Chih-Yao Chan 1/2/83 Amateur
60)Chun-Yu Kuo 4/20/84 Amateur

Blue indicates players with MLB affiliations
Red indicates players with NPB affiliations
Black indicates players with CPBL experience or amateur status


Anonymous said...

hey thetaiwaneseterror, am i correct to assume that every taiwanese player that's mlb or NPB affliated is selected on this preliminary roster? and i also was wondering about tsao, is he going to be ready in time for the world baseball classic?

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

Pretty much everyone who plays in Japan and the US was selected to this list, except for the most recent signee - Lin of the Phillies. As for Tsao, he was ahead of schedule for his rehab. However he has only recently been cleared to throw a baseball, and almost assuredly will not be available to pitch for Taiwan.

Frank said...

Only 2 out of the 60 players are over 30, I say 90% of the Taiwanese team in the first classic well very likely represent the second one also.

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

Yea, I noticed that the oldest guys on the roster are all catchers - I guess the coaches like to have experienced guys handle the pitching staff.