Friday, October 21, 2005

Need Help Translating!!!

This article is from the July 15-21st 2005 issue of the CTW magazine. I saw the number 160 kmph and wasn't sure if this kid was throwing that hard, or if he had the potential to do so. Can anyone help with identifying the kid and translate page 1 of the article? Thank you!

You can zoom in on the picture a few times to read the fine print.


Maos said...

alright dude i've got it now.

his name is Tseng Bao-Luo, in college at Linkou College of Physical Education.

Article basically says that he has very good speed and two MLB teams, the Mariners and the Mets have sent people to look at him in Hualien.

The bad thing is Tseng has never had any formal training, and he is very inexperienced on the field. He frequently gives up runs while having the advantage of hitters.

But the good thing is that, because he has had little formal training, his arm is still very healthy.

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

Thank you!

So has he hit the 160 kmph mark?

Maos said...

Yes, it says that he can pitch that fast, but he's normally around the high 140's and a bit above. or something like that.

Maos said...

sorry i kinda messed up there. it's rumored that he's hit 163 but 153 is the more 'reliable' number.

dang i really wish there was an edit button here. :(

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

It's hard to believe that this "diamond in the rough" has thrown harder than Tsao or any other Taiwanese pitcher. I'm interested to see if and how he develops. I wonder how old Tseng is and if he's on any kind of national developmental squad.

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

As a follow up to this story, my buddy emailed me and set me straight on this article. Essentially, Tseng's college coach and agent were overhyping their pitcher's talent to sell him to scouts. At a try-out in LA in August of this year, Tseng was clocked between 85-87 mph and topped out at 89 mph. My friend said that Tseng is a non-prospect.

Don't you hate it when you read an article that posts false or misleading info? Those dudes should go work for the Taiwanese National Enquirer!