Friday, April 07, 2006

Good Friday........(one week early)

Good performances all around by a couple of Taiwanese pros.

Kuo pitched 2 perfect innings against the Phillies today, K'ing the 1-4 hitters for the Phils, including Jimmy Rollins and Bobby Abreu. I didn't get a chance to catch the game earlier on FSN, but will watch the replay tonight. Read more here. Kuo got his first official AB as a ML - and got a lil taste of his own medicine with a K. :)

***Updated*** I saw the game and Kuo had some nasty stuff. Kuo's fastball was clocked between 91 and 95 mph. He was throwing his breaking balls (clocked around 83 mph) for strikes. For the most part, Kuo had good command and control of all his pitches. Kuo set up a few of his K's with a nice breaking ball before K'ing his victims with the heater high and away. Great stuff from Kuo tonight!!!

W.C. Lin had another role as a pinch hitter in the 8th against Yokohama. Lin came through in a big way with a pinch hit single RBI. Lin would later come around to score in the inning. Box

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