Sunday, April 30, 2006

Wang on ESPN tomorrow....

Wang will face off against Boston's Tim Wakefield in the opener of the series. This game/series should be a dandy. ESPN will carry this game at 4:00 Pacific.

In the NPB, W.C. Lin had a pinch hit appearance in the 8th and whiffed. Box

Rakuten Eagles pitcher Y.C. Lin, who was sent down to the minors earlier this week, was diagnosed with an inflamed elbow and will be out of action for a few weeks. Not a good sign.

Another day in the minors - Hu went 0-4 at the plate, but managed a walk and his 4th stolen base on the season. Box

Chen managed to go 1-4 today with a run scored. Chen kept pace with Hu in the SB department by swiping his 5th base on the season. Box

Modesto won it's game in extra innings, but starter Lo was not involved in the decision. Lo went 6.0 innings, allowing 4 earned runs. He walked one, K'd 3, but also gave up a 2-run jack.


Anonymous said...

Man, when I went to sleep last night the dodgers were winning 5-0. And when I woke up they lost 5-6. Afraid that Kuo got yet another loss, I was at first relieved to check the box scores and see that he didn't play. but now reading the recap... I can't believe they actually demoted him when he didn't even pitch in the game!! I feel like he was never even given the chance to redeem himself. For instance in previous games he'd always get pulled as soon as he let opponenents get on base. He was never allowed to fix his own mistakes and was always replaced by someone who eventually did let in the run (and credited to Kuo).

Frank said...

Kuo is rushed to the Majors...I think he jump direct from AA last year to Major as the roster expanded last September, for someone who had so many injuries and Tommy John surgeries in the previous seasons and finally had a healthy year without problems, I was really stunned Kuo made it to the show at the age 24.

This year he has issued more walks than K's (something he's more know for), I support the Dodgers' player development of sending him down. With 2 other left handed reliever doing well out of the pen, they don't really need him right now.

Kuo needs a couple months in AAA, and he should be the first left handed reliever gets a call back up the Majors if they have a spot available (as long they don't go out and make a trade or himself pitch terribly down there). I don't expect Kuo to be back in Dodger Blue until All-Star break at the earliest unless Beimel/Hamulack stinks up or got hurt.

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

Man, Kuo's pitching woes continued tonight at AAA.