Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Where You 2006???

Ok, someone posted a question regarding where all the minor league Taiwanese kids will be playing this year on the discussion forum. So I did a little research, and this is what I found:

1)Ching-Lung Hu - will start the year in AA as the starting SS with the Jacksonville Suns
2)Yung-Chi Chen - will start the year in A+ ball with the Inland Empire 66ers
3)Ching-Lung Lo - will start the year in A+ ball with the Modesto Nuts
4)Chi-Hung Cheng - will start the year in A ball with the Lansing Lugnuts
5)Po-Hsuan Keng - will start the year in A ball with the Lansing Lugnuts
6)Chao-Kuan Wu - will start the year in A ball with the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers
7)TJ Yeh - will start the year in rookie ball with the Gulf Coast Red Sox
8)Chia-An Huang - MIA - will we ever see this kid play ball again??!!
9)Kuo-Hui Lo and Yen-Feng Lin will probably all be assigned to short season A ball or rookie ball

I'll keep this updated once the minor league season gets underway this week!!!!
Updated: 4/8/06


HCC said...

Thanks for the update!

I.S. Lin said...

Great info! Any reason why Yung-Chi Chen is still starting from A ball even after his stellar WBC showing? I thought he outgrew A ball at the end of last year....

maaos said...

Huang Chia An reappears!

I just saw this on the news, apparently, the rumors seem to be false and the kid has been staying in this home for the past few months.

he hasn't returned to report to his team mainly because of pressure. he says that his shoulder injury is troubling him and it can be seen that he is kind of emotional right now.

he is training with his younger brother at his old school and hopes to return to america by the end of the month.

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

I believe Chen's placement on the Inland Empire team is a small promotion, given the league he plays in is considered "advanced A" ball. If he plays well, he could end the year in AA.

Maaos that is great news. I wish Huang the best and hope to see him playing ball in the US soon.