Friday, May 05, 2006

CPBL Roundup...

I usually don't cover too much on the CPBL, but thought that this would be a good time to run down on how some of the notables are doing over there.

First of all, team standings through 5/5/06
1)Bears 14-10
2)Bulls 12-12
3)Elephants 12-12
4)Whales 12-12
5)Cobras 10-12
6)Lions 10-12

All in all, pretty even competition in the first half of the season.

Now for a brief round-up of notables (through 5/5/06):

Chin-Feng Chen .338 5 HR's 12 RBI's - currently out with abdominal strain
Chih-Sheng Lin .256 2 HR's 14 RBI's

Tai-Shan Chang .364 8 HR's 20 RBI's
Chien-Fu Yang 2W-2L 4.66 ERA 38.2 IP/28 K's

Chih-Yuan Chen .239 2 HR's 10 RBI's

Chia-Hsien Hsieh .247 6 HR's 19 RBI's
En-Yu Lin 3W-2L 1.47 ERA 43 IP/40 K's

Wei-Lun Pan 4W-2L 2.21 ERA 53 IP/36 K's

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