Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hsieh Slams 3!

Lions 5 - Bears 1: Pete Munro won his 12th game of the season, shutting down the Bears offense - allowing 1 run on 8 hits over 7 innings. He received support from game MVP Chih-Kang Kao who was 3-4 with a double and a RBI. Lions sluggers TB and KC Kao were a combined 2-7 with a RBI. For the Bears, Kevin Huang lost his 5th game of the season and CFC was 0-5.

Cobras 17 - Elephants 4: The Cobras were led by sluggers Hung-Yuan Lin who hit HR #12 and was 2-4 with 3 RBI's, and game MVP CH Hsieh who smacked HR's #16,17, & 18 and was 5-5 with 6 RBI's! For the Elephants, Chia-Chia was 1-2, CYC was 0-3. Elephants 3B Jui-Chen Chen was 2-3 with a double and 3 RBI's.

The Lions lost 8-1. MC Hsu pitched 2.2 innings in relief, allowing 2 runs on 3 hits (including a HR). Box


Wang being mentioned as an AL Cy Young candidate
Wang deserves being mentioned as a candidate (He's got the wins and doesn't serve up many HR's) but does not have the peripheral numbers (K's, WHIP, ERA, etc.) that the other front-runners have.
Wang has now been officially penciled in as the starter on Saturday against Josh Beckett and the Red Sox. This is a HUGE matchup - should Wang win this game, that would help strengthen his argument for the award (and vice versa for Beckett if he wins on Saturday). *Updated*


Anonymous said...

what's even more crazy is that chin lung hu had a pinch hit homer today during his 2nd AB of the season. great seeing him come through like that while only getting limited playing time.

Anonymous said...

Chin-Feng Chen = 0 MLB HR
Chin-Lung Hu = 1 MLB HR and counting...

TTT said...

That's great news! Who would've ever thought that Hu and Kuo would have more HR's than CFC in their ML career?

Anonymous said...

yeah, weird huh? and some people doubted Hu's hitting ability due to his small frame. He's shown some flashes of power--especially in AAA ball. you can check out the vid of his homer on the dodgers website

tsong001 said...

wow, so his first MLB hit came from a home run? that's pretty impressive! Hopefully tose with the Dodgers management are paying attention. Keep it up Hu!

Steve said...

Hate to switch gear away from the Hu HR topic. I just want to say that, as big a CMW fan as I am at this point in his career he's not Cy Young worthy yet. At some point down the road? Certainly. Not now. Much of his success is due to the offensive support of the Yankee lineup. The truth or the matter is that, if you take Wang's number start by start and match it up with the offensive output (start by start) of any other pitcher in MLB, he wouldn't come close to his current 18-6 record. This is reflected in his 3.68 ERA, which is good, but certainly not elite.

I'd love to see Wang win a Cy Young award soon, but the more deserving candidate this year would be CC Sabathia of the Indians.