Friday, September 21, 2007

ND for CMW....

MLB:If you would have told me that Wang would throw 7 innings and allow only 2 runs (1 earned) on 6 hits against the Blue Jays, I would have chalked that up as a W. However, Wang was matched up against one of the AL's best in Roy Halladay and the two were engaged in a classic pitcher's duel. Roy shut down the Yanks offense as Wang left after the 7th down 2-0. He was in line to take the loss until his offense came through with 4 runs in the bottom of the 9th to knot things up at 4 runs a piece. The Yanks and Jays are currently tied at 4-4 heading into the 11th inning. Box Score
Wang most likely has one more start before the post season begins - so he'll probably get a shot to match last season's win total against Tampa Bay.

As the Dodgers continue to slip out of contention for the playoffs, hopefully management will give CL Hu some more opportunities to gain experience at the ML level.

The Fighters won 13-5. CS Yang in his first game back with the parent club was 0-1 with a run scored. Box

Lions 3 - Elephants 0:
Wei-Lun Pan won his 15th game of the season, shutting out the Elephants over 5 innings. He gave up 6 hits, had 3 K's and 1 walk. Pan improves to 15-2 on the season with an ERA of 2.37 - he won game MVP honors. Pan's teammate Tilson Brito slugged his 31st HR of the season - tying the league all-time record in that dept. - TB was 1-4 with a RBI. Fellow Lion slugger KC Kao was 2-4 with a double. For the Elephants, Chia-Chia was 2-3 while CYC was 1-4.


Anonymous said...

yeah, too bad Wang got the ND. But anway, he pitched a very good game against the jays--- i was kinda nervous that he would have a repeat of the last outing against them. Anyway, I do agree that the Dodgers should give Hu some more playing time. I mean geez, the guy hasnt played since that last game where he homered. ( I think that itself is a sign that he should be getting some more playing time) I dont believe the Dodgers will be able to make the playoffs

lazy said...

Dodgers are done. Time to give Hu some more PT, although he did strike out pinch hitting last night.

TTT said...

Thanks for that update Lazy....Still no Hu tonight.