Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday Briefs...


photo from Liberty Times

photo from Apple Daily

Chinese Culture University won the just completed collegiate tourney (Mei-Hua Flag Tourney) today, winning 8-1 in the championship game. The star of the game was CCU's SP Kai-Wen Cheng who allowed 1 run on 3 hits over 7 IP - he also had 6 K's. Cheng is a former youth and junior NT standout, who won the 2000 Bronco Division Pony League World Series and basically single-handedly defeated the Cuban junior NT and shut down the US junior NT last year. The CCU team was loaded with talent as the roster also included: RHP Chia-Jen Lo (who throws in the low 90's), sidearmer RHP Chen-Hua Lin, & recent HS graduate C Chia-Chu Chen.

Other stars in the tourney included IF/C Chun-Hsiu Chen who hit the most HR's and had the most RBI's in the tourney and LHP Hung-Cheng Lai who was 2-0 in the tourney with a sparkling 0.00 ERA.*Updated*

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