Saturday, August 22, 2009

Brief Updates....

Well, I'm still away from home, so I'll try to keep this brief.

*The boys looked good in their opening win (16-0) at the LLWS versus Germany on Friday.

*Congrats to the boys from Taitung County for their PWS championship run - impressive when you consider how they won 5 in a row after losing their opening game.

*The youth NT earned a bit of redemption by beating Japan on Saturday. They will now face South Korea for 5th place in the tourney.

*Kai-Nan University LHP Hua-Wei Lo has returned from a tryout at the Yokohama BayStar camp without receiving a contract offer.

*Agent Chien-Chen Chen (Eric Chen) is trying to sign Kai-Nan University LHP Yi-Ming Tsai (incoming freshman) as a client, receiving help from Kai-Nan University head coach Chien-Fu Kuo-Lee ('92 Olympic star). Tsai, who is 6'4'' 190 pounds with an 85-87 mph fb, previously received interest from New York Yankees scout Ken Su. Tsai has had elbow surgery in the past.

*Agent Jack Fan reportedly held a showcase in Taichung on 8/20 for RHP Po-Cheng Chi, who has recently recovered from biceps tendonitis and a leg infection; Cultural University RHP Kuo-Yu Lin; RHP Wen-Yang Liao; and OF Min-Tzu Chen.

*Red Sox minor leaguer Che-Hsuan Lin earned two awards in the best tools category (as voted upon by league managers in the Class A Carolina League): Best Defensive OF and Best OF Arm.


BC said...

A nice little read on Ni

and, our boys in LL beat Canada 8-0 today with home runs from Lin and SW Hua. After watching today's game, I feel like we have a very athletic team this year. I saw some nice athletic plays on defense and we have some nice batters as well. SW Hua was the SP but he got pulled after 16 pitches to save him for the next game against Mexico. The kid that came in to relieve him pitched very well, only giving up one hit, walking none, and striking out 5 in around 5 innings. He also kept his pitch count down. hey terror, did you notice that SW Hua's pitching style is very similar to CM Wang's?

TTT said...

Good read on Ni....this is def. the best overall team I've seen from Taiwan in recent memory. WH Sung and the kid you're referring to, HY Lin are def. ones to keep an eye on in the future. Sung did say that CMW was one of his idols.

BC said...

yeah, this team definitely has some talent. You think this team is more talented than the one we had a few years back with Chao Min Wang? didnt he pitch nearly 80mph? I forgot what year that was.

Surprisingly, Japan dropped their game to Curacao which was a crazy game if you watched it. They went up 5-0 in the first inning after 4 of their batters got hit by pitches. the final score was 13-12. It was a rather sloppy game from Japan, considering they are usually one of the most fundamentally sound teams in the LLWS.

BC said...

a few cool videos of our LL boys training and stuff

BC said...

hmm, so Japan managed to beat Venezuela 5-4 today so that means that Curacao and Japan will advance to the next round with Japan being the 2nd seed. Now, if Taiwan beats Mexico tomorrow we will be matched up with Japan next. If we lose, we'll play Curacao. Which team do you think our boys would play better against? Personally, I want to see us play Japan 'cause they are our Pacific rival and Im guessing that our coaches are more familiar with Japan's playing style than Curacaos.

TTT said...

Good stuff BC....thanks for sharing the for Thursday's matchup against's going to be a tough game, that team has a lot of team speed and they have several kids who can bring the heat - I'm wondering if the coach will start HY Lin or WH Sung against Curacao. Would be cool to see Taiwan play Japan again in the international final though.

BC said...

yeah, our boys had alot of trouble with that lefty that Mexico had. Apparently, a good 3 or 4 of our boys were also afflicted with the stomach bug so a days rest between the game with Curacao should help out a bit. Hmm, I suppose the coach could start WH Sung and pull him later to keep him under 46 pitches so he can pitch in the international Semi.