Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Phillies to Sign OF CJ Lee.......

According to Taiwanese news outlets, the Philadelphia Phillies will be signing Leader University OF Chia-Jung (Rong) Lee. Lee, the #4 hitter for Leader U. will receive a comprehensive signing bonus (including tuition) of ~ $100 K. He would become the second Taiwanese player to sign with the Phils (Yen-Feng Lin was the first and is no longer with the organization).
The 21 year old does have some power; he led the Association Cup (back in November) in HR's. Here's a vid of him taking one out of the park (grand slam) in that tourney:

DOB: 11/3/88
H: 5'11"
W: 174
Wears # 99
*Leader U. lost today to TaiPower 3-1 in the College Cup. Performing well for TaiPower were former HS stars P Yi-Shan Deng (or Teng/8 IP, 1 R, 3 H) and SS Po-Ting Hsiao (had a few hits on the night).
*Former junior NT and Ku-Pao star RHP Keng-Hao Chang has decided that he will make himself available for the upcoming CPBL draft. He would be one of the top picks alongside En-Yu Lin.

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