Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 CPBL Draft Results.....

Round 1:
1)En-Yu Lin (Elephants) - formerly with the Cobras/Eagles
2)Keng-Hao Chang (Bulls) - ex-HS star
3)Chu-Kuan Lee (Bears) - played in the ABL
4)Ching-Hao Tsai (Lions)
Round 2:
1)Chi-Hao Chang (Elephants)
2)Cheng-Lung Lo (Bulls)
3)Chun-Chieh Kuo (Bears)
4)Chi-Hsiang Lin (Lions)
Round 3:
1)Wei-Chien Chen (Elephants)
2)Shao-Ying Meng (Bulls)
3)Chia-Wei Lin (Bears)
4)Yuan-Chin Chu (Lions)
Round 4:
1)Fan-Shuo Chen (Elephants)
2)Chih-Ming Chuo (Bulls)
3)Yu-Chi Hsiao (Bears)
4)Chia-Jung He (Ho) (Lions)
Round 5:
1)Chia-Ming Huang (Elephants)
2)Hsien-Hsien Yang (Bulls)
3)Hsiu-Wei Kuo (Bears)
4)Wai-Jen Cheng (Lions)

The draft had 10 full rounds followed by the 11th round where the first 3 teams picked players. Rounds 12-19 saw only the Elephants pick up a player in each round. In all, 51 players were drafted. The Lions drafted two siblings of famous players: Yu-Chieh Tseng (Sung-Wei Tseng's bro) in the 7th round and Kuo-Hua Lo (Kuo-Hui Lo's bro) in the 9th round.
Read more about the draft here.

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