Friday, November 11, 2005

Bulls Dehorned.....

Da Bulls were pummeled by the Marines 12-1. The game only went 7 innings because of the mercy rule.

Bright spots, if any for the Bulls were
1)SP Chien-Fu Yang's 7K's in 5 IP and only allowing 2 ER's
2) & CF Chien-Ming Chang, who continued his hot hitting as he drove in the Bull's only run

The game against the KBO champs will dictate who plays Lotte in the championship game.

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Maos said...

The bulls lost agaisnt the lions.

it was a very close game with the lions just beating the bulls by 1 point.

The final score was 3-4 and if it wasn't for the runs given up by the bulls starter, Osvaldo Martinez, the Bulls could have at least tied or even won the game.

Highlights of the game was the bulls reliever, Jorge Cortez who pinned Samsung's batters down for 7(i think) innings.