Sunday, November 13, 2005

Lions edge Bulls

Sinon lost a close game to the KBO champs 4-3. In a tight game, the Bulls continued to shoot themselves in the foot with defensive miscues. However, despite the loss, the CPBL champs showed that they are on equal footing with the KBO champs.


In the championship game, the Lions lost to the Marines in a much closer rematch 5-3. Despite being outhit, the Marines continued to receive timely hitting from import and ex-MLB player Benny Agbayani. Benny drove in 9 runs in the 4 games that he played in.

Bottom line: KBO and CPBL have comparable talent. The NPB still has better talent overall - especially in their homegrown pitching products. The KBO and CPBL have to rely on export pitchers to round out their starting rotations. Not surprisingly, the best young talent in Taiwan and South Korea usually end up overseas in Japan and the US. There aren't that many players in the CPBL who would be able to make the jump to the NPB or US minor leagues. En-Yu Lin of the Macoto Cobras, based on a number of factors - including size, age, and pitching skill, is one of the few that might have the talent to leave the CPBL.


Maos said...

hmm i hope lin en yu doesnt leave. we need talent here in taiwan, otherwise the quality of the league will never rise up.

we here in taiwan need more of these people to make us believe that our countrymen are just a capable as foreigners.

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

I would love to see Lin stay as well; however I don't think the CPBL can compete $$$-wise with the NPB and the MLB and the crazy signing-bonuses they are throwing at the kids. Better competition, better facilities, better training, and obviously - money, make it hard for a talented and ambitious kid to want to stay in Taiwan.

I do agree with you; without good young talent, the CPBL will always be a door mat or stepping stool for the NPB.

Frank said...

I would like to see some Taiwanese CPBLer or NPBer to come play in MLB.

Most the Korean/Taiwanese playing in the US has been straight out of HS, while Japanese player must be with the team 9 years. I would like to see pros in Taiwan/Korea get a chance to compete in America. Even if only for a few years.