Friday, November 18, 2005

Where have you gone Kevin Huang?

Former Red Sox Chun-Chung (Kevin) Huang is finally going to get a chance to revive his baseball career. Huang will be playing with the LA New Bears in the CPBL next season.

After some limited success in the low minors with the Boston Red Sox organization (he made it to A ball), Huang was persuaded by his agent to showcase his wares for some NPB scouts. During this workout, Huang tore his labrum, and has been recovering ever since. The pitching exhibition was in violation of Huang's contract with the Red Sox, who then released Kevin.

That's one helluva lesson for any young man to take - lose your job and potentially have a career-ending injury all happen at the same time.

Despite all this, I'm still rooting for the kid to make a full recovery and succeed in the CPBL.


maos said...

looks like lanew will have a shot at the championships next year.

they were great during the end of the 2005 season. it's gonna be a great season next year.

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

It's always a good thing when the league has young talent to help improve it's level of competition.

I'm curious to see how good Huang will be in the CPBL.