Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Sinon Bulls and the Konami Cup....

There's some news on the strategy the Bulls will go with regarding pitching matchups in a recent Taiwan News Online article. Interesting matchups - the game vs China should be a stroll in the park. Assuming a loss to the NPB champs, the game against the Samsung Lions would be a must win, if the Bulls want to make it to the championship game. I'm not really sure if Martinez or Yang would be a better matchup against the Lions - tough call by manager Liu. Too bad Chung-Nan Tsai isn't the same pitcher he was a few years ago - they could've used him.

The Korea Times also has some good info in English on the Konami Cup. Read it here.

I'm not too sure about how frequently this site will be updated, but the NPB's official English website for the Konami Cup is here.


Maos said...

chai chun nan was pretty good in the 2005 season... that is, in the period he wasnt injured.

he missed about a few months but returned and was going strong with a 2.25 ERA but.

eventually his injury caught up to him again.

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

I hate to see injuries happen to good players. I remember when Tsai was the star amateur pitcher for the Taiwanese national team. He came over to the US for an exhibition game and just dominated the US hitters.

Anyways Maos, since you're over there in Taiwan and I believe the games are being televised, please keep us updated on how the Bulls are doing!

Maos said...

Bulls won against the China Stars.
Final score was 6 - 0.
Panamanian starter Lenin Picota pitched 7 innings 7SO 0BB 4H.

Homer for Chien-Ming Chang.

maos said...

im sorry 6SO not 7. :P

bigdaub said...

yeah, the bulls dominated the chinese. i followed the game and actually posted on the game thread section of taiwanese ballplayers' discussion forum. i've got something going on tonight and doubt that i can catch the game against japan, but if i can, i'll post on the forum.