Monday, January 16, 2006

Comments on NT selection...

There are a few players that I'm surprised were ommitted from this list:
1)Chih-Yuan Chen - OF : Has always been one of the better hitters/OF's in the CPBL
2)Wei-Yin Chen - LHP : Has NPB experience - great upside for a young lefty
3)Ching-Lung Lo - RHP : Probably would have been the most physically imposing player for NT/great upside
4)Chia-Hao Chang - SS/OF : His defensive versatility is a huge plus, plus he has a decent bat

Surprised by the following selections:
1)Sung-Wei Tseng - short amateur player who was probably selected due to an outstanding summer in Alaska and showing in Holland
2)Chung-Shou Yang - youngest member on the team, might be overmatched on the offensive side of the field - will he see any PT?
3)Chih-Yao Chan - amateur OF beat out CY Chen?!

In comparing Taiwan's NT roster with that of Japan and South Korea, there seems to be a talent disparity. Let's hope the players that represent the cream of the crop for Taiwan (Wang, Chen, and Kuo) are able to come through with big plays in the Asian regional.


maos said...

i am a bit dissapointed with this roster but it seems very justified.

i am a chen chih yuan fan, but his performance and persisting wrist injuries in the 2005 season was really just sub par. the main reason that he didnt make it is probably because he hasnt been playing since last august.

i think their pitcher selection is great.

pan wei-lun is the only pitcher in the cpbl who pitches some great ball. good control and speed (148km - 154km) which is about 92mph - 95mph.

OF is good too. Huang Long Yi very good on the offensive side.

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

The coach's reasons for certain players selected seemed pretty reasonable. It's a good all-around team, that lacks quality starting pitching.

Maos, are the games going to be broadcast on live tv in Taiwan? I'm sure they will be, but I hope to get a viewable link of the Asian regionals when the time comes.

Can't wait!!!