Sunday, January 08, 2006

NT Training News....

The NT has been holding scrimmages among a split squad - blue vs. white.

Overseas players: Lo, Chen, Cheng, Keng, Yang, and Chiang all got a chance to show their stuff. Overall, no one exhibited anything overpowering and there were some control issues.

Pitching notes:
Ching-Lung Lo has looked good - he was clocked around 90 mph.

Chi-Hung Cheng was clocked around 87 mph.

Po-Hsuan Keng accidentally plunked OF Kuo-Hui Lo, who was forced to leave the game with a bloody nose and a swollen left cheek.

Hitting notes:

With the lack of a "feared" established middle of the lineup hitter (Chin-Feng Chen and Chien-Ming Peng are both recovering from injuries) - the coaches have been happy with the hot bat of Wei-Tsu Lin.
He is getting a good look from the coaches to hit in the 3rd through 5th spots should either of the above-mentioned players be unable to play in the WBC.

Chun-Yu Kuo has also hit well in the scrimmages.


maos said...

surprise! Chin Feng Chen showed up at La New's training session today.

he says that his injuries arent bothering him anymore and he might be going to WBC.

CM Peng's injury is just so stupid. he shouldnt have punched that box in the dugout last year.

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

That's good news about Chen. He is priority #1 on the offensive side of the field.

I'm pretty happy about Matsui and Iguchi not playing for Japan. That slightly dampens the offensive threat that Japan poses. If our pitcher(s) keep us in the game, who knows, maybe Chen can launch another bomb to clinch the game for us. Wishful thinking!!

Peng is probably the 2nd most accomplished international hitter we currently have. He's vital to our offensive success on the field as well.