Thursday, January 05, 2006

More on Chen/LA NEW signing....

Here's another take on Chen's signing: Link.

What surprised me is this line of text,

" It (Chen's contract) also includes a comprehensive plan for his career and measures to ensure the safety of his family members from criminal attention."

Wow, I had no idea that things in Taiwan could get that bad. It reminds me of the ML baseball players from Venezuela who struggle with crime because of the fact that they are high profile, well-paid athletes.


maos said...

it is indeed very bad. i remember reading some time before, a few star players of the brother elephants were kidnapped for ransom.

in other news, the still havent decided whether or not they'll let chien ming wang pitch for the WBC. we wont have a definite answer for that until february.

and chin feng chen is still unsure about participating because he is still recovering from injuries. he hasnt practiced for about 4 months now.

good news is that hong chih kuo will be able to play for taiwan once they come to an agreement of how many pitches he's allowed to throw.

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

Thanks for the updates Maos!

Do you know if Chen's 3 year contract is binding or does he have an escape clause that would allow him to join a ML or NPB team should interest arise?

maos said...

they actually made a 6 year agreement. the first 3 being signed now and the latter 3 being signed later.

yes la new will let chen persue a ML career if he gets a chance. im not sure about NPB though.

Frank said...

I like Bear's message to Chen.

Either go big, or go home.