Saturday, January 28, 2006

Kuo and Odds on Taiwan's Chances...

The Dodgers have given Kuo the green light to participate in the WBC. Having Kuo is a huge plus especially in light of recent rules established by the WBC to help protect pitchers' throwing arms. Taiwan needs as many quality arms as possible for this tourney.

The new rules state that in round one games (for Taiwan - the Asian regional), pitchers will be limited to 65 pitches, and if they pitch in excess of 50 pitches - will be ineligible to pitch for 4 days following the outing. Also a one day rest period is automatically implemented for any pitcher whose count goes over 30 pitches. Last but not least, pitchers are not allowed to pitch more than 2 consecutive days.

Those rules definitely reward teams that have a deep pitching staff, a luxury that Taiwan does NOT have. Taiwan's biggest problem is that if it is to advance deep in this tournament, it will need it's starting pitchers other than Wang (if he's allowed to play), to step up big time and keep the game in reach for it's hitters.

Surprisingly, has Taiwan as a 15-1 favorite to win it all. Essentially, thinks that Taiwan has the 6th best team in the world!!! The gambling website has the US and Dominican Republic as the 2 teams to beat, followed by Venezuela, Japan, Puerto Rico, our BOYS!!!, and then South Korea. I would be pretty stoked with a top 6 finish, considering all the talent out there.

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