Wednesday, February 08, 2006

CT loses in close shootout....

CT lost to Australia in game 4 of the series 11-10. Despite the loss, Taiwan's key hitters got the ball rolling: C.S. Lin, Y.C. Chen, and C.L. Hu all blasted HR's for Taiwan.

BoxScore/PlaybyPlay Link

In a personal side note, I won't be posting for a while as my wife is going into labor today.
Until then, Fight On Taiwan!!!!


bigdaub said...

haven't checked here for a while and thanks for the updates, and congrats!

ot, check it out here for an interesting article on chen:

maos said...

hey here's an update on CT.

anyways the team just arrived back home from australia tonight and will be taking a 2 day break before resuming training.

The tournament at australia wasnt good for CT until the last few games where the players started to get in the zone again.

Wei-Tsu Lin of the NPB has been doing good there. in a game against the nippon ham fighters, he hit a 3 run homer. so this is good news for taiwan.

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

Thanks for the well wishes Bigdaub! That is a great read on Chen.

Much appreciated on the updates Maos!
Encouraging to hear that Lin is picking up where he left off last year.