Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Playing Catch Up...

Whew, been gone only for lil bit, but lots of news to report.

First of all, I got to hand it to all the moms and dads out there. Being a parent is one heckuva job - taxing, tiring, but rewarding and fulfilling at the same time.

Ok, back to baseball news:

The words straight outta C.M. Wang's mouth indicate that he will NOT participate in the WBC. That's bad news for the NT, but great news for anyone in the upper brass of the NY Yanks organization. Link

With Wang's announcement and the completion of the recent series in Australia, the NT has made some roster changes. Pitchers C.M. Wang and C.H. Cheng have been replaced by Ying-Feng Tsai and Wei-Yin Chen. Tsai pitched well against the Australian NT while Cheng got rocked in his outings, demonstrating poor control. Coach Lin has decided to go with 5 OF's, as C.M. Peng has also been removed from the roster (will not be ready in time from injury recovery). In his place, Coach Lin has decided to add another pitcher to the roster, Yueh-Ping Lin.

Speaking of the series in Australia, here are the final stats for how our boys did over there. In an 8 game series against the Australian NT, CT split the series against good competition. Y.C. Chen and C.S. Lin led the way for Taiwan's offense. It was good to see CPBL pitchers, C.M. Chu, Y.F. Tsai, and C.F. Yang do well. A lot of these guys will have to step up their game in the absence of Wang.

Also, Bigdaub posted a link to a great read on the Saga of Chin-Feng Chen - and how he was never given a reasonable chance by the Dodgers organization to show what he could do in the majors. Thanks for sharing that!

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