Friday, March 03, 2006

Do or Die....

Win or go home........ Taiwan is in a must win situation if it wants any chance at making it to the US. However, Taiwan find itself in a huge hole and playing the role of David against Japan's finely tuned Goliath. Without 2 of their better pitchers available, Coach Lin will need some type of miracle to stymie Japan's potent offense and pray that the game is in reach once Matsuzaka reaches the 65 pitch limit. I fully expect to see Taiwan's only major leaguer, Kuo, pitch maybe 2 innings if things are close.

MLB's preview of tonight's game

Go the WBC's homepage and click on Gameday link to follow live play-by-play action

If you have ESPN2, it will be televised live Sat. morning at 1:00 AM Pacific/4:00 AM Eastern (US)

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